PEEK Tubes/Pipes

  • Outer Diameter 130mm PEEK Pipe
    After years of experience accumulation, Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd. has been able to produce a variety of conventional specifications of PEEK profiles and has a large inventory.
  • Continuous Extrusion PEEK Tubes
    The PEEK sheet produced by continually extrusion is much better than the PEEK sheet produced by the traditional hot stamping process on thickness uniformity,and the internal compactness is much higher.
  • Engineering Plastic PEEK Tubes
    Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd. is fully equipped with the independent extrusion production capacity of PEEKrods which have been successfully extruded from Ф5-200mm, and has a lot of inventory.
  • High Quality PEEK Pipes
    PEEK and its composites will not be affected chemically by water and high-pressure steam. The products that are made from this material will maintain the outstanding characteristics in continuous use in high temperature and high pressure water.
  • Customized PEEK Pipes
    PEEK has good stripping resistance; therefore, it can be made into thin wires or electromagnetic wire coating, and it can be used in harsh conditions.
  • Inside Diameter 20mm PEEK Tube
    The company has horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, large molding presses, high-precision CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and other mechanical processing equipment.