Heat Resistance PEEK Nut

PEEK has a higher glass transition temperature and melting point (334°C). It is one of the reasons that it can be a reliable application in the requirement of the heat. Its heat load variable-temperature can be 316°C, continuous use temperature is 260°C.

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Place of origin: Jiangsu,China(Mainland)
Brand name: YUWEI
Model number: NJYWPEEK
Material: PEEK
Certification: RoHS/Reach/FDA/UL
Size: Customer choice
Color: Natural/Black
Density: 1.3-1.6g/cm3
Characteristics: Chemical Resistance
Application: Engineering
Melting temperature: 343℃
Continues operating temperature: 260℃
Hardness: 85-90
Tensile strength: 100-260MPa


Selling units: Pieces
Package size per batch: Actual packaging
Gross weight per batch: 1-100kg
Package type: CTN,PLT and others
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Introduction to Peek screw
PEEK screw, known in Chinese as polyether ether ketone screw, is extruded from Victrex PEEK. PEEK screws are not only superior in heat resistance to other high temperature resistant plastics, but also have high strength, high modulus, high fracture toughness and excellent dimensional stability. PEEK screws have excellent toughness and fatigue resistance to alternating stress, which is the best of all plastics, comparable to alloy materials.
I. Features and advantages of PEEK screw:
1. One-time injection molding can be adopted, with low processing cost.
2. More corrosion resistant than metal screws, the price is lower than corrosion resistant titanium, never rust.
3. Light weight.
4. High temperature resistance.
5. Excellent electrical performance.
6. Radiation resistance.
II. Outstanding features and advantages of PEEK screws in the field of industrial machinery:
1. Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance), biological compatibility, etc.: PEEK can be used in conventional liquid analysis system instead of stainless steel in common chemicals.
2. High purity: there are almost no trace elements, and it will not cause pollution and affect the analysis results.
3. High strength: PEEK has both rigidity and toughness, the highest mechanical strength, compression and impact resistance, and fatigue resistance in plastics.
4. High temperature resistance: Its long-term use temperature is 260℃, the use temperature of short time can reach 300℃, and therefore it is very suitable for high temperature environment.
5. Wear resistance: PEEK and its composite materials have the best self-lubrication and wear resistance in plastics.
6. Hydrolysis resistance: Due to the low moisture absorption, it can work in water and steam for a long time.
7. Low friction coefficient: It is featured with low running resistance, and can prevent the seizing phenomenon between metals.
8. Compared with metal, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the wear resistance is more than twice that of copper alloy.
9. Self-lubrication: In some working conditions, it cannot be used without oil, which avoids oil pollution to the instrument, and therefore the equipment is clean and beautiful. Rapid injection molding of complex and irregular parts can be done by using injection molding with low processing cost.
PEEK screw can use injection process for one-step molding, by which the processing cost is low and the price is advantageous. Compared with metal screw, it is more resistant to corrosion, and featured with never rust, light weight, high temperature resistance, excellent electrical performance, and irradiation resistance.
PEEK screw products produced by Nanjing Shousu Special Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. are as follows:
I. PEEK inner hexagon screw.
II. PEEK outer hexagon screw.
III. PEEK round head screw.
IV. PEEK nut.
V. PEEK screws, nuts, screw caps, bolts and studs of various specifications can be customized.
I. Main features of PEEK screw:
PEEK is a thermoplastic special engineering plastic with high temperature resistance and high performance. It has good mechanical properties and chemical resistance, wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other properties. It is also featured with light weight, good self-lubrication. Due to the good processing performance, it can fill carbon fiber, molybdenum disulfide and other to improve the lubrication and mechanical strength further. PEEK engineering plastics has wide application space in aviation, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, automobile and other high-tech industrial fields. It can manufacture high-demand mechanical parts, such as gear, bearing, piston ring, support ring, sealing ring (letter), valve disc, wear-resisting ring and so on.
Outstanding performance of PEEK material mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. High temperature resistance: PEEK has a high glass transition temperature and melting point (334℃), which is one of the reasons why it can be used reliably in heat-resistant applications. The thermal variation temperature of its load is up to 316℃, and the continuous service temperature is 260℃.
2. Mechanical properties: PEEK is a balanced plastic with both toughness and rigidity. In particular, its excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress is the most outstanding of all plastics, which can be comparable to alloy materials.
3. Self-lubrication: PEEK with outstanding sliding characteristics in all plastics is suitable for the purpose with strict requirements on low friction coefficient and wear resistance. In particular, the self-lubrication of PEEK with a certain proportion of carbon fiber and graphite is better.
4. Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance): PEEK has excellent chemical resistance. Among common chemicals, concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve or destroy it only. Its corrosion resistance is similar to nickel steel.
5. Flame resistance: PEEK is a stable polymer. The sample of 1.45mm thick can reach the highest flame retardant standard without any flame retardant.
6. Peel resistance: The peeling resistance of PEEK is good, and therefore it can be made into thin coated wire or electromagnetic wire for harsh conditions.
7. Fatigue resistance: PEEK has the best fatigue resistance among all resins.
8. Radiation resistance: The ability of γ radiation resistance is very strong, which is higher than polystyrene, which has the best radiation resistance among general resins. It can be used as a high performance wire with good insulation ability when γ radiation reaches 1100Mrad.
9. Hydrolysis resistance: PEEK and its composite materials will not be affected by water and high-pressure steam, and the products made of PEEK can maintain excellent properties in high-temperature and high-pressure water continuously.
II. Color of PEEK screw:
Color: brown gray/black/grey/earth gray/red.
III. Specification of PEEK screw:
We can design and produce according to your requirements. Welcome to provide pictures and samples for processing.

PEEK has a higher glass transition temperature and melting point (334°C). It is one of the reasons that it can be a reliable application in the requirement of the heat. Its heat load variable-temperature can be 316°C, continuous use temperature is 260°C.

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Q: Is the material have high temperature resistance ?

A: Yes,it is.It has a high melting point of 334℃.


Q: What is the processing method of it?

A: It can be processed with injection molding and other processing methods if need.


Q: Is it easy to process ?

A: Yes, as this material has good fluidity at high temperatures and has a high thermal decomposiyion temperature.

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