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  • 01

    15 years of experience in production and R & D of PEEK, PI, PPS and other profiles and parts.

    Advanced and mature peek profile extrusion production line.

    Have the ability of injection molding and machining peek parts of various specifications.

  • 02

    Continuous extrusion production line, large injection molding machine, molding machine, five axis machining center, high precision CNC lathe and other processing equipment.

    3D coordinate projector, friction and wear testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing ma chine, surface hardness tester, etc.

  • 03

    Extruding peek bar, plate, tube and other profiles with com prehensive specifications and large stock.

    All kinds of PEEK filaments and capillaries are extruded.

    Peek profile extrusion can be customized according to cus tomer requirements.

  • 04

    Tick comprehensively analyze the material properties and constantly improve the formulation design and process.

    Strictly control the enterprise standards and quality inspection process to ensure the factory quality of each product.

    It has a good cooperative relationship with the raw material suppliers such as Victrex, vespl, German engineering plastics and other raw materials suppliers in the UK, with stable raw materials sources.