PEEK Gears

  • Chemical Resistance PEEK Gears
    PEEK has a very strong γ irradiated resistance, which is stronger than the radiation resistance of polystyrene, which is the best one among generic resin. It can be made into high-performance wiring that can still make good insulation capability when γ irradiation is at doses of 1100Mrad.
  • Differential Spider PEEK Gears
    PEEK has outstanding sliding characteristics in all plastics; it is suitable for stringent requirements for low coefficient of friction and resistance to friction used. Especially, the self-lubricating properties of PEEK will be better if it is modified by carbon fiber and graphite mixed in the proportion of each of them.
  • Heat Resistance PEEK Gears
    PEEK is the plastic that strikes a balance between toughness and rigidity. Especially, it has an excellent fatigue resistance against alternating stress that is the most talented of all plastics, and it can be comparable with alloys.
  • CNC Machining High Precision PEEK Gears
    PEEK polymer has unique comprehensive properties and is suitable for gear applications. PEEK polymers combine the high reproducibility and design freedom of the injection molding process to provide additional benefits for applications such as metal replacement and improved engineering plastic gear.