PEEK Seal Ring

  • Chemical Resistance PEEK Seal Ring
    PEEK has excellent comprehensive performance in high performance polymer, which cannot be matched by other general plastics.
  • Engineering Plastic PEEK Seal Ring
    PEEK sealing ring is featured with good performance, stable size and customization property; PEEK sealing ring is featured with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and strong mechanical properties.
  • Heat Resistance PEEK Seal Ring
    Develop and manufacture injection molding and molding mould according to customer drawings or sample requirements, and customize PEEK parts and finished products with various specifications and versatility.
  • CNC Machining High Precision PEEK Seal Ring
    Our company has nearly 100 kinds of diameter extrusion molds, which are stocked all the year round.
  • Chemical Resistance PEEK Cage
    The company is willing to have a long-term cooperation with customers with the best quality products and the most sincere services to jointly promote the application of PEEK products and other special plastic products in various industries.
  • Engineering Plastic PEEK Cage
    The company has horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, large molding presses, high-precision CNC lathes, CNC machining centers and other mechanical processing equipment.