Oil Drilling

  • Soluble (degradable) fracturing balls
    It can be dissolved in water containing electrolyte and not in oil medium, in which the dissolution rate is related to the temperature used and the structural characteristics of the application. The specific gravity is 1.5g/cm3-1.8g/cm3 and the maximum operating temperature is 200℃ and it is suitable for water and gas wells.
  • Drillable special composite bridge plug
    With the selection of special plastic composite materials and special composite formula and in combination with metal material bridge plug, the drillable special composite bridge plug has been tested and developed successfully, which has been supplied to major domestic oil and gas field companies.
  • Soluble (degradable) metal alloy rods
    According to the customers' needs in the petroleum industry, Nanjing Yuwei has developed series of soluble (degradable) metal alloy rods for different environments, which are suitable for matching up with the tools for the production of soluble (degradable) fracturing balls, soluble (degradable) bridge plugs, soluble (degradable) sliding sleeves, ball sockets and etc.
  • Soluble (degradable) plugging agent.
    The reservoir heterogeneity of low permeability oilfields in China is strong and the pressure coefficient of production layer is low, therefore residual acid formed in the process of scale removal is easy to leak into reservoir matrix, resulting in blockage of seepage throat or intergranular pore and secondary damage during acidizing operation;
  • Soluble fracturing
    It has become a substitute product for metal bridge plug in oil and gas fields at home and abroad, breaking the monopoly of foreign industry. Various specifications can be customized. The product has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, good sealing and easy drilling.
  • Dissolvable Bridge Plug
    The high strength soluble metal composition product can bear 70 Mpa,which can meets the sealing requirement of fracturing construction;