About Us


About Us

Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd. is a new type of technology-innovative company, it specializes in the injection molding, extrusion molding, compression molding and machining of special engineering plastic profiles such as PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI etc., and it also provides R&D, design and production integrated solutions to special engineering plastic profiles and parts for different industries.

Our Company

The company puts into production a number of profile extrusion lines, and can independently produce PEEK bar materials, PEEK sheet materials, PEEK pipes, PEEK sheets, PEEK profiled bars, PPS rods, tubes and plates, etc. in large quantity.

After years of experience, Nanjing Yuwei has been able to produce a wide range of conventional PEEK profiles and has had a large inventory, and can process unconventional PEEK profiles and PEEK profiled bars according to customer requirements. The company has horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, large molding machines, high-precision CNC lathes, CNC processing center and other mechanical processing equipment, and specializes in customizing and processing PEEK, PI and PPS parts of various specifications and different purposes.


The company has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification, (EU) RoHS test report and (EU) No 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Product Applications

Nanjing Yuwei New Material Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in production and processing in the field of PEEK products. The company is willing to cooperate with customers with the best quality products and the sincerest service for long term, to jointly promote the application of PEEK products and other special plastic products in various industries.